Our Services

 With over 20 years experience, Margot has consulted for large variety of customers, including:

Commercial development sites both small and very large:

– Hospital Greenwich
– Hawkesbury District Hospital
– Woolworths.

Private clients:

– Strata management both for development purposes, risk and hazard assessment and termite identification and treatment
– Private residential tree assessments

Corporate clients:

– Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Sydney (including treatment of trees predating Captain Cook’s arrival)
– Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
– Various Councils
– Sydney Water

Looking upwards into full tree canopy

Client Testimonials

John Douglas TAFE (Ryde)

“The lecture was a great success – your knowledge and experience is extraordinary and there was lots of positive feedback”


“Margot knows everything about trees and things green! She is available to provide advice for your home garden, or reports for Local Council purposes”


“I thought your report excellent – clear, thorough and realistic. I hope the council thinks so too!”

Find out more about our specific services:

Tree Assessment

– Tree audit
– Hazard Assessment (Ground & aerial including drone)
– Specifies selection

Planning & Development

– Root Mapping
– Pre-purchase tree assessment
– Development impact assessment
– Planting and maintenance specifications

Pests & Diseases

– Tree health assessment
– Pest and disease identification
– Environmental influences

Termites & Treatment

– Termite identification
– Tree hazard assessment as a result of termite damage
– Treatment option within trees

Diagnostic Testing

– Picus Sonic Tomography
– Resistograph
– Soil testing
– Tissue and tissue residue testing

Other Services

– Aerial Inspections with Drones
– Covert Tree Surveillance