Tree Assessment

Tree audit
Hazard Assessment (Ground and aerial including drone)
Species choice

The assessment of trees is a necessary management tool enabling good planning, best practise and sometimes required intervention. The initial process is visual tree assessment usually from ground level only.

Tree auditing is the identification and referencing of trees located on a site. Information is collected on species, size and spread and any obvious defects and or pest and diseases.

Safety is paramount where people, property and trees exist in close proximity. Tree hazard assessment can be a complex process where many factors are considered in combination. The assessment identifies structural defects including the age class of trees, inherent failure patterns of certain tree species together with the magnitude of risk and resulting hazard. Hazard and risk assessment needs to be frequently checked.

The suitability of species to specific growing conditions is becoming more critical within the urban arena. A tree that is in excellent health and vigour, may have been planted or planned for planting in a totally inappropriate position for its eventual mature size – an all too often encountered situation. Increasingly the removal of healthy, vigourous tree is becoming more difficult.

Within the urban environment, change is constant having a direct or indirect impact on trees.