Planning & Development

Pre-purchase tree assessment
Preliminary tree assessment – identification of high value high retention trees
Development impact assessment on trees (how close, how tall)
Tree protection measures
Root mapping
Tree monitoring both during construction and post construction
Construction certification
Planting and Maintenance specifications

Modern cities:- planning and development is often a very complicated process. Spatial constraints for development are often in conflict with trees both within the site and adjoining neighbouring or council properties.

Pre-purchase and preliminary development assessment identifies significant and high retention trees prior to purchase and/or architectural plans being drawn. These assessments may save considerable time and money in property purchase, architectural and other fees and Development Application Consent.

The Development impact assessment is conducted once the final design layout is complete. The report identifies which trees are retainable and which are not due to the incursion of the development, their long term viability and species suitability to the site.

The reports are written in a specific format for the Development Application process and adhere to the Australian Standard AS4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites. Architectural drafting software is used to assist in determining the Tree Protection Zones (TPZ), Structural Root Zones (SRZ) and directional canopy extension.

Where a building is to encroach into a tree’s space, root mapping is often required. The process involves careful excavation to determine the direction, size and depth of roots and the potential need to modify foundation plans within that space.

Increasingly tree monitoring during and post construction is being conditioned within a DA consent. The process is monitor the health and condition of trees with reporting back to the consent authority and ultimately for construction certification.

Additional services are the planting and maintenance specification of trees to accompany tender documents

Root Mapping

With links to Trees on Development Sites, root mapping is a crucial role to ensure the longevity of trees in the vicinity of all types of contstruction works